The Samsung UN60F6300 TV

The Samsung UN60F6300 is a black, silver, 60-inch smart HDTV that offers a wide array of cutting edge features for all types of individuals. Additionally, the Samsung UN60F6300 is an affordable smart TV that's priced under $3K.

Features of the Samsung UN60F6300

The Samsung UN60F6300 is a 1080p HDTV and, therefore, offers its users a better picture quality which can only be found in limited TV models in the market today.

The Samsung UN60F6300 has a 120Hz refresh rate that gives its viewers better general viewing. This frequency is also good for video games, action movies and sports.

This Samsung model is a smart TV and is capable of interacting with the streaming content as well as the web.

The Samsung UN60F6300 TV without stand measures 54.5 by 31.4 by 1.9 inches while those with stands measures 54.2 by 34.8 by 14.8 inches.

The TV also has a well built-in sub-hoofer that produces a sort after sound effect that satisfies the wide flavors of different users.

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